Senior Design Class of 2017-2018

Dr. Charles Kim




Lecture Notes:

Syllabus of the course

Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2:  Design Process
A. Standard and Regulation with HW1
B. Intellectucal Property with HW2
Lecture 3: VIP Project and Teamwork: (Link to VIP at Howard and VIP TeamsTeam Contract Form (pdf fillable) and a Sample contract

Lecture 4: Problem Formulation (In-Class Team Assignment) Problem Statement Form (PDF-Fillable)

Lecture 5: Design Requirement (Team Assignment) Design Requirement Form (Excel) and Sample Design Requirement (Excel)

A. Compliance Failure Investigation Report (HW#3) (detailed instruction in page 7)

Lecture 6: Solution Generation (Team Assignment for Individual and Team Conceptual Design)

A. Engineering Ethics with HW4
B. Socially Responsible Engineering and HW5

Lecture 7: Alternative Designs, Analysis, and Top Design Selection (Team activity + Presentation Requirement)

Lecture 8: Oral Presentation + Elevator Pitch

Lecture 9: Project Implementation and Evaluation Plan (Plan Form in MS Word and PDF formats)

Lecture 10: Progress Reporting and Presentation



Previous Class of Senior Design: Year 2015-2016