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  • Areas of Interest
    1. Anticipation and Predictive Detection/Location of Incipient Cable Faults and Arcing faults
    2. Embedded and Computer Control Systems safety and cyber-security (LINK1 and LINK2)

    3. Modeling and Simulation by Cellular Automata  - Link to CA application page

    4. Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program -a new approach for STEM education - Link to VIP at Howard University

    5. AI and Machine Reasoning: Entropy Minimax and Inductive Reasoning for Probabilistic Decision Making System under Incomplete knowledge and data

    6. Renewable Micro-Power System Design (Lecture Notes)

    7. Fault Location in Distribution Systems (Lecture Note)


    Ph.D. Dissertation: An Intelligent Decision Making System for Detecting High Impedance Faults (Texas A&M University, 1989)

    A. Incipient Fault/Failure Detection and Anticipation

    Sola Famakin and Charles Kim, "Modeling for Underground Cable Water Tree Growth Dynamics," Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, Vol. 7, No.12, pp. 51-65,  December 2019.

    Charles Kim, et. al., "Experimental Investigation for Determining Health Status of GaN Transistors," International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering & Research, Vol. 5, No. 1, January 2019.  Link to the article.

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    Derrick Anang and Charles Kim, "Location Determination of Transient Cable Fault by Graphical Analysis of Time-Domain Waveform with Impact of Load Distribution," 2018 Power Systems Conference, Clemson University, September 4- 7, 2018.

    Derrick Anang and Charles Kim, "Graphical Determination of Transient Cable Fault Location with Captured Time-Domain Data," North American Power Symposium (NASP2018), September 9 - 11, 2018. Fargo, ND.

    U. S. Patent 8941387 "Apparatus and Method for Fault Detection and Location Determination" (January 27, 2015) -- Abstract: An electrical waveform is received over an electrical power line. A plurality of nominal electrical parameters are determined for the electrical power network and the plurality of nominal electrical parameters are associated with a state of the electrical power network in the absence of at least one transitory electrical fault in the network.  Subsequently, a plurality of electrical parameters of the electrical waveform are sampled when the at least one transitory electrical fault exists in the network.  A plurality of inductances are determined based at least in part upon a comparison of the nominal electrical parameters and the plurality of sampled electrical parameters.  The plurality of inductances are representative of inductances present in the network when the at least one transitory electrical fault exists in the network.  The plurality of inductances are analyzed to determine a distance and/or direction to the at least one electrical fault.

    Charles Kim, "Lecture Notes on Fault Detection and Location in Distribution Systems, 2010" -- This lecture note is the product of a post-graduate course (3 credit hours) I taught at Aalto University, formerly known as TKK or Helsinki University of Technology, (Department of Electrical Engineering), Espoo, Helsinki, in June 2010.
    Lecture 1 (Introduction), Lecture 2 (Faulted Power System), Lecture 3 (Fault Location Algorithms), Lecture 4 (Fault Indicators), Lecture 5 (Sub-cycle fault location method. Contact me if you need this note or read this transaction paper), Lecture 6 (Fault Location by Smart Meters), and Lecture 7 (Final Exam). Extra Lecture (Line Monitoring for Fault Anticipation and Vegetation Control. Contact me if you need this note.)

    Frank Zoko Ble, Matti Lehtonen, and Charles Kim, Arcing Faults Localization using RF-Signal Angle of Arrival Method, (2014) International Review of Electrical Engineering (IREE), 9(6), pp. 1136-1147. December 2014.

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    U.S. Patent 8897635 "System and Method of Detecting and Locating Intermittent and Other Faults" (November 25, 2014) - Abstract: A signal is conducted from a controller module onto a network via a first coupling.  The signal is transmitted across the network and received at one or more receiver modules via one or more second coupling.  At the one or more receiver modules, the received signal is analyzed and based upon the analysis, a determination is made as to whether a fault had occurred in the network and/or where the occurrence occurred.

    Frank Zoko Ble, Matti Lehtonen, Ari Sihvola, and Charles Kim, "Cross Correlation Method for Power Arcing Source Monitoring System," International Review of Electrical Engineering, 9(2), 440-452, April 2014.

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    Charles Kim, Tom Bialek, and Jude Awiylika (2013), "An Initial Investigation for Locating Self-Clearing Faults in Distribution Systems,"  IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 4(2), pp. 1105-1112, June 2013.  Proof.

    U. S. Patent 8050002 "Housing Arrangement for Fault Determination Apparatus and Method for Installing the Same" (November 1, 2011.) - Abstract:  A fault determination apparatus includes a housing.  The housing includes a circuit board disposed there within.  The housing is shaped and dimensioned for non-intrusive placement within an existing electrical system.  The circuit board is configured to provide one of a transmitter or a receiver within a fault determination system.  A first set of connectors is disposed at a first side of the housing and a second set of connectors disposed at the second end of the housing.  The first set of connectors and the second set of connectors are directly connected through the wires provided inside the apparatus while at least one wire under fault monitoring are tapped to the circuit board and configured so as to be electrically coupled to the existing electrical system.
    U. S. Patent 8102779 "System and Method of Detecting and Locating Intermittent Electrical Faults in Electrical Systems." (January 24, 2012) - Abstract:  Signals are transmitted from at least one transmitter that is positioned in an electrical network.  The signals that have been transmitted are received by the at least one single receiver at a single receiver positioned within the electrical network.  At the single receiver, the received signals are analyzed and a determination from the analyzing the received signals is made as to whether a fault has occurred in the electrical network.

    U. S. Patent 8711711 "System and Method of Detecting and Locating Intermittent and Other Faults" (April 29, 2014) - Abstract: Data associated with at least one building condition or status is sensed by one or more sensors.  The data from theses sensors may be sent over a data bus and received by the central computer.  In addition, a modulated signal may be transmitted by one or both of the transmitters across the data bus.  The modulated signal is received at the receiver, which analyzes the received modulated signal, and determines whether an intermittent fault has occurred on the data bus based upon the analyzing.  For example, the receiver may compare the received signal to an expected pattern and when a discrepancy exists, an intermittent fault is determined to exist.  The receiver may also determine the location of the fault based upon the analysis.

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    B. Renewable Energy Systems

    Afoma Ihekwaba and Charles Kim, "Analysis of Electric Vehicle Charging Impact to Grid Voltage Regulation," 2017 North American Power Symposium, Sept 17 -19, 2017.  Morgantown, WV

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    Charles Kim. "Lecture on Hybrid Renewable Micro-Power System Design using HOMER" at Korea University of Technology and Education,  Some material of the lecture are available here (Jan 2013 Lecture) and here (December 2013 Lecture).

    J. W. Ahn, Y. T. Oh, Charles Kim, and C. W. Park, "Configuration of a Renewable Micro-Power System for a Remote Village in Mongolia," International Smart Grid Conference and Exhibition, July 8 -10, 2013, Jeju-do, Korea.

    C.Air Traffic Flow Assessment and Modeling

    Daniel Akinbodunse, Obinna Obah, and Charles Kim, "Operational Evaluation of Traffic Management Advisor using Statistical Performance Metrics and Simulation Approach," Air Traffic Control Quarterly, Vol 14 (2) 311-327, 2006.
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    D. Intelligent Systems and Systems Safety & Security

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    E. Engineering Education and Other Interests

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    U. S. Patent 8067916 "Power Cutting Tool with Synchronized Dust Control Device." (November 29, 2011.) - Abstract: A cutting tool such as a miter saw, arranged to have an arrangement for selectively making and breaking power of a first circuit and an independent second circuit each connected respectively to a first motor operating the cutting tool and to a second motor operating a dust suppressor such as a vacuum device.  The arrangement enables the two circuits to serve the first and second motros in synchrony and to be operated by the switch of the cutting tool.  The arrangement may comprise a relay adapted to energize and de-energize the second circuit.  The second circuit may comprise one or more electrical receptacles enabling the second motor to operate under control of the switch after being plugged in to one of the receptacles.  The cutting tool may comprise a receptacle which is hard wired to the first circuit.  The cutting tool may incorporate a dynamic brake.
    U. S. Patent 8525421 "Lighting Apparatus and Method" (September 3, 2013)- Abstract: A lighting element is disposed in an array of lighting elements.  At the lighting element, a lighting status of at least one neighboring lighting element is sensed.  Independent of any other lighting element, a lighting adjustment for the lighting element by applying the sensed lighting status to a predetermined rule is determined.  The lighting apparatus is applied to the lighting elements to adjust an illumination of the lighting element.