Senior Design Class of 2019-2020

Dr. Charles Kim


Lecture Notes:

Syllabus+: First Class

Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: VIP Project and Teamwork: (Link to VIP at Howard and VIP Teams
Lecture 3:  Design Process and Problem Formulation
  Problem Statement Form  (docx format and pdf format)
Lecture 4: Design Requirement (Design Requirement Form in XLSX (and PDF)  and Sample in XLSX format (and in PDF))
Lecture 5: Solution Generation
Lecture 6: (A) Standard and Regulation -- Regulatory Compliance ;  (B) Intellectual Property Rights and Contemporary Issues; (C) Compliance Failure Investigation
Lecture 7: Video Presentation  (VIP Video Presentation Site)
Lecture 8: Life-Long Learning
Lecture 9: Peer Evaluation
Lecture 10: Planning Project Implementation
Lecture 11:
Lecture 12:


Previous Class of Senior Design: Year 2018-2019