VIP Program at Howard University

Howard University

Washington, DC 20059

VIP Director: Dr. Charles Kim    (CKIM@HOWARD.EDU)   Charles Kim


On-boarding Process for Industry Sponsors

 *NOTE: From Fall 2023 semester, EE/CpE students could earn 3 credits from VIP courses (EECE101 Faculty-Student Team Project (VIP) (1 cr); EECE201 (1 cr); and EECE 302 (1 cr)) and substitute them for 1 EE/CpE elective course.

Benefits: Through the VIP framework, companies can connect with VIP teams embedded in faculty R&D efforts.  Through team and program sponsorships, companies can identify and reach:
(a) Motivated students earlier in their academic careers: VIP attracts sophomores, juniors, and seniors actively seeking challenges beyond classroom.  Students can participate for multiple semesters, with new students replacing graduates, and returning students taking on leadership roles with the teams; (b)Large number of students from many majors: Each team is multidisciplinary by design, and VIP attracts students from all majors from college of engineering and other colleges; (c)Students doing R&D in company’s area of interest:  VIP teams are embedded in faculty research efforts.  Companies can sponsor teams of interest, and team-sponsor relations are tailored to meet the need of teams and sponsors; (d) Team-oriented students:  VIP cultivates a culture of peer-mentorship, with returning students onboarding new students and taking on increasing level of responsibility each semester.  VIP students report high marks in understanding of technology applications relevant to their field of study, ability to work with individuals from diverse background, and ability to work in a multidisciplinary team. 

VIP Sponsorship opportunity (pdf)

VIP on-boarding Process (pdf)

Project Description File (in pptx and pdf or in Word format)

Contact:Director (Dr. Charles Kim, for VIP sponsorship opportunity.