EEatHU:  Website for the Electrical Engineering (EE) Students under the 2012-2020 Curriculum

Electrical Engineering (EE) Program

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

College of Engineering and Architecture

Howard University


Advisor: Dr. Charles Kim  (; 202-806-4821; #3014 LKD)

The primary purpose of this website is to provide information on the EE degree curriculum and to help EE students to register correct courses in the correct order to satisfy the curriculum requirement for EE degree.


Fore registration, follow the order below.

1. Know your EE Curriculum

 2. If you are a freshman, be ready with the result of Math/English placement test.   The test score will place which Math/English course you're allowed to take.  Here is an example.

3. Pre-select your courses and make sure there is no time conflict.  Use this trial schedule form (Excel or pdf or image(png))

4. Complete CEA Registration Form (in Excel, Fillable Pdf, or simple  Pdf format, or image (png) format)

5. Bring* the signed CEA Registration form and the Trial Schedule (showing no time-conflict) to you advisor. (* Email in an unusual situation - you'd get the response within 24 hours).  Once approved, your PIN for registration will be given to you if you are a senior.  For all other students, unless a situation is extremely unusual#, your PIN for registration will be typed-in on your computer by the advisor.  Some pain of course for all. (# Under an extremely unusual situation, your PIN will be given to you under the strict honor code that you take only the courses approved by the advisor. You'd get repsonse within 24 hours)


Valuable Information

1. List of Elective Courses (African-American Studies, Social Science, Humanities, Engineering/Science, and EE courses)

2. CEA Registration Error Request Form (simple pdf and Fillabel pdf and png (image))

3. University Course-Transfer Petition Form (pdf)

4. Course Withdrawl (instructions)- "A student may withdraw from a course up to 8 weeks after the first day of instruction and receive a grade "w" that has no grade point value.