List of EE Elective Courses for EE Curriculum 2012-2019 (6 courses are required.  At least 2 courses are to be taken from a concentration area.)

(*Note: The list is not exhaustive.  Talk to your advisor if you have another course in your mind.)


Concentration 1: Digital Systems and Microcomputer

Course Course Title Crs
EECE416 Microcomputer Design 3
EECE417 Computer Architecture 3
EECE446 ASIC Design 3
EECE410 Computer Network 3
EECE456 Embedded System Design Lab 3
EECE406 Advanced Digital Design 3

Concentration 2: Signals and Communication 

Course Course Title Crs
EECE454 Communication Electronics 3
EECE460 Wireless Communication 3
EECE487 Telecommunication 3
EECE495 Signal Processing 3

Concentration 3: Energy, Power, and Control

Course Course Title Crs
EECE418 Power Electronics 3
EECE419 Motor Dynamics and Drives 3
EECE421 Power System Analysis 3
EECE422 Power Communication and Control 3
EECE408 Linear Control Theory 3

Concentration 4: Physical Electronics and Material Sciences

Course Course Title Crs
EECE420 VLSI Design 3
EECE465 Physical Electronics 3
EECE471 Design of Integrated Circuits 3
EECE463 Digital Electronics 3

Concentration 5: Electromagnetics and Microwave

Course Course Title Crs
EECE443 Microwaves 3
EECE444 Antenna Theory and Practices 3
EECE466 Advanced Electromagnetics Theory 3