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The Laws of Circuit - you can learn and practice by just reading

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TabletPC and Windows Journal Viewer
On Tablet PC class of problem solving: The best thing about this that we can draw/write/erase/overwirte in different colors circuits and equations. Note taking is not messy any more. The software we used is Windows Journal in Windows Tablet PC version. Since my desk-top PC and your regular laptop are not Tablet PCs, we do not have the software, let alone a pen. That does not mean we can do nothing on the .njt file we generated in the class. At least we can see (or view) it even though we cannot do anything further. If you want to install the Windows Journal Viewer software into your PC, just click here (Size is nearly 8 MB) and download it to your computer. Then install it by double clicking the setup.exe. We plan to use the Tuesday class as problem solving class with Tablet PC and on Thursday, we stick to new materials and theory of circuit analysis.