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The Laws of Circuit - you can learn and practice by just reading

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Have you played Minesweeper Lately?
In the class, I prodded my students to find known or hidden values in a circuit problem. Many are victims of too-many-equations from a simple circuit. Students are pretty luxurious in defining this voltage and that current, even though they may be already known or can be known by a simple mental math, instead of writing equations. So I suggest, in leisure time, to play the minesweeper game, which requires players to properly guess where mines are hidden. The number of mines hidden is indicated in the center square of the nine-square block. Except the very first guess, one must guess and move from the number in the center square. The center square in the circuit problem is a voltage already specified by a current given by the problem. So let's be slower in writing equations. Spending time to find known/hidden values must be, in my opinion, should be longer than the actual equation writing time. Just my two cents.