The Laws of Circuit - you can learn and practice by just reading

Copyright. Charles Kim 2006

Poor Georg
Around this time of the year, every year, Georg is slightly disturbed, not physically though. Not because his findings were less regarded among the intellect.  He thought he stressed enough that the experimental result, now it became a law, related three variables of electricity conduction, and there should be all three variables when one applied his law: voltage, current, and resistance. The main reason of his disturbance is that many try to apply the law even though there are only two variables available. One stark example is that one tries, in vain, to apply his law in a voltage source. A voltage source has two variables: a fixed voltage of the source and the amount of current flowing through the source. By the way, the amount of current can vary. To find the current through the voltage source must be found somewhere else in the circuit, not in the law. Another example is that one tries to apply the law in a current source and to find the voltage across the source. Since there is no resistance involved in the source, the voltage must be calculated from somewhere else in the circuit. People often ignore in applying the law, he sighed, that the voltage is the voltage across the resistor, not any voltage in the circuit. Georg's last name is Ohm.