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Tips for Test Preparation
Now the first exam is coming, coincidentally in the week of Valentine's Day (or Memorial Day or whatever), as if the exam is a rendezvous with something beautiful or easy. The reality, however, would be "maybe" or "absolutely not" or in-between. Anyway, tips for exam preparation are not easy. Sometimes it misguides students to work only on specific subjects. So I am very reluctant to give ones. But I can give general advice and this reveals my test policy: I highly regard your ability (or creativity) in problem solving. In other words, the problems you will meet in the test would be slightly different from the homework problems and the problems in the book. However, they are the problems you can solve if you could solve those homework problems and you gave a lot of thoughts in the process of problem solving. The bottom line is: you have to know how to apply the laws. Memorizing a method of solving a specific problem may not work with the test. So the best advice is check if you fully understand the three laws. Then, pick several problems randomly from the book and solve them by yourself. If you cannot solve them, give them a day or two while reading classnotes and the book, then tackle them again. If you still are at odd with the problems, you may want to see your teacher.  S/he'll tell you how you solve the problems, and in the advice process, you may be able to find your weakness. Then revamp your efforts to strength the part.