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Microcomputer Application and Robots

Charles Kim []

1. Lab Visit: 8th Grade Science Class (teacher; Mrs. Carmon) from Paul Public Charter School. May 18, 2006

(Left) Dr. Kim welcomes the class and gives a short introduction of the lab and its activities. (Right) Students are attentive to the lecture.
(Left) Students play around the TV remote control system protoboard. (Left) Obinna Obah, a graduate student at Howard University, demonstrates his tracing robot to the students. Ubon Ephraim (standing) who arranged this trip looks on.

(Left) Chimaobi Mbanaso, another Howard student, explains how his blood pulse monitor works to the students. (Right) Students have chance to operate the tracing robot themselves as Mrs. Carmon supervises the activity.

At the end of the visit, the leaders of the activity posed together, minus Obinna Obah.
From left, Dr. Charles Kim, Chimaobi Mbanaso (Currently at the State University of New York
as a graduate student), Mrs. Carmon, and Ubon Ephraim.