VIP Program at Howard University

Howard University

Washington, DC 20059

Coordinator and PI: Dr. Charles Kim (CKIM@HOWARD.EDU)


Orientation for New Members


Welcome to VIP (Vertically Integrated Projects) at Howard University!

For better training, learning, and research experience, new team members should:

1. Understand that a team is formed around strong relationship for achieving a specific goal or task. Read more.  Team Contract  (Fillable pdf Form)

 2. Attend Weekly Team Meetings.

3. Keep a project note on which all activities are recorded and manifested.

4. If you become a VIP team member in lieu of a substitutable course, know your additional course requirement, and know the grading policy/criteria in VIP.  Grading is done based on project note, team peer evaluation, project advisor's assessment, elevator pitch, and team assigned works.  Read more.

5. Present team progress reporting and perform an elevator pitch on an assigned focus.  Link to the Fall2015 Lecture on Oral Presentation and Elevator Pitch.

6. Particpate in Peer Evaluation.  Read more.  LINK to Peer Evaluation (Submit the filled form via email):  Form and Sample for Senior Design Class Students, Form and Sample for All Other Students, and Instruction for submitting the Peer evaluation NOT using the form BUT using Email body.

7. Particpate in VIP survey.  Read more.  Survey Forms in  Word format and PFD format.


What is VIP?   1 Sheet Summary

VIP Orientation for EGPP students for Fall 2015.

FORM: Team Contract  (Fillable pdf file)

Senior Design Class Webpage: WWW.MWFTR.COM/SD.html