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Coordinator and PI: Dr. Charles Kim (CKIM@HOWARD.EDU)


2015-2016 Activities

Building Faculty-Student Research Teams via VIP

Inter-Collegiate VIP

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VIP Team Weekly Meeting Report (Suggested Format)


Candidates of New VIP ProjectsThe following new project teams are under consideration.  Juniors and Sophomores are encouraged to join.  Other levels of students in all majors are accepted.  If you're interested in this new project, send email to the VIP coordinator, Dr. Charles Kim, at

1. Dr. Moses Owolabi (Mechanical Engineering):

2. A Bludger - A Drone: This project aims to combine robotics and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to create an autonomous drone that will behave like the Bludgeor as depicted in the wizarding game of "quidditch." (Project Manager: Imani Oakley; Faculty Project Advisor: TBD)  Read more.

3. Electro-Thermal Diagnosis of Power Electronic Chips and Board (Advisor: Dr. Charles Kim): This project aims to build a diagnostic system of  power converters for use in mobile and transportation platforms by applying thermal and electronic sensing as well as thermo-electric chip cooling for high band-gap power devices installed in the converters.  Read more.  Qualified students will be recommend for summer research internships at University of Illinois, University of Arkansas, Stanford University, or Howard University.   Check here for summer 2016 REU program. *NOTE: This project is made in to a team named DOPES (Diagnosis of Power Electronic Switches).

4. Dr. Claudia Marin (Civil Engineering):


VIP Elevator Pitch Event (L. K. Downing Hall, Reading Room 2019; 11:00 am - 1:00pm; Friday April 22, 2016) Deli Buffet Lunch will be provided): All VIP team members who are not Howard ECE Senior Students must particpate in this event.  However, ECE Senior students and Project Managers, and Graudate Students are welcome to participate.  More details of the Elevator Pitch Event.  A Deli Buffet Lunch will be served for participants.


Spring 2016 SURVEY (Form in MS Word format and Form in PDF format)



Do you want to earn a credit for a (substitutable) course by joining a team and getting research experiences?  Substitutable courses include, but not limited to, "Intro to EE/CpE", "Intro to ME,", or "Research Experience for UG students", "Senior Design", "Capstone Design," or a similarly named course. Then talk to your instructor of this opportunity and get the approval that you earn the course grade from VIP team participation. Also, check the VIP grading criteria.


* If you're interested in joining one of the teams below, please send inquiry to the VIP coordinator at  Anyone, yeah anyone, can join.


Team SLatE8: Sign Language to English (Team advisor: Dr. Mohamed Chouikha; Graduate Students: Mamadou Wade, Rouzbeh Asghari) :


    Team Intruder: Hardware Trojan Detection & Prevention for Health-Care Computer Systems (Team Advisor: Dr. Hassan Salmani; Graduate Student: Raza Shafiq)


    Team Photo: Darren Earle (A), Taylor White (B), Amanuel Getahun (C), Raza Shafiq (D), Shrijanand Chintapatla (E), Jahlil Allen (F), and Sheriff Adewunmi (G).



    Team UCC: Underwater Circuit Connector (Team Advisor: Dr. Mihai Dimian); Graduate Student: Trey Morris)


    Team Photo:


    Golden Snitch - a toy drone (Project Manager: Imani Oakley; Advisor: Dr. Charles Kim; Graduate Student: Derrick Anang): This project aims to combine robotics and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter into a golden snitch drone.


    HU Radio Telescope - Measuring the Galactic Rotation Curve (Project Advisor: Prof. Marcus Alfred, Physics Dept; Graduate Student: Richard Farrell): This project will build a Radio Telescope following the MIT Haystack Radio Telescope which was later extensively modified, and presently working, University of Michigan version.  EE, CpE, CS students for electronics, and ME and CV students for machining, and other students from PHYS can experience a great deal about this observational astronomy.


    Team Photo: [Left to Right] Erik Cooper, Shaleen Shah, James Peters, and Jarrett Goddard.


    Flexible Power Inverter - which follows the number of solar arrays (Project Advisor: Prof. Ahmed Rubaai, Project Manager: Carlton Blue; Graduate Student: TBD): This project aims to build a flexible inverter (with controller attached) which can change its power delivery size to the capacity range of solar panels.


    Team Photo: [First row, left to right] Samantha-Jo Cunningham and Thomas Hakeem.  [Second row, left to right] Robert Mercer, Abenezer Hailu, Kehinde Shittu, and Taiye Shittu.


    Terminator Arm - Creating an Inexpensive Prosthetic Arm controllable by Brain (Project Advisor: ; Post-Doc: Ang Yu): This project aims to create and build inexpensive prosthetics by 3-D printing which can be controlled by actions signals from the brain.


    Team Photo: [From Left] Mark Chase, Taylor Hines, Andrew Scoon, Jeantelle Francis, Bibek Ramdan, Ayotunde Odejayi, and Matthew Clarke.


    Dopes - Diagnosis of Power Electronic Switches (Project Advisor: Dr. Charles Kim, Graudate Students: Derrick Anang, Ayotunde Odejayi, and Richard Farrell): This project aims to build an Electro-Thermal Diagnosis System for High-Power Density, Wide Band-Gap Power Semiconductor Swithes which are popularly used in mobile platforms such as aircraft, electric vehicles, and off-road high power vehicles.


    Senior Design Class Webpage: WWW.MWFTR.COM/SD.html