ECE_FT:  Website for Freshmen and Transfer Students

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Electrical Engineering (EE)  and Computer Engineering (CpE) Programs

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

College of Engineering and Architecture

Howard University


EE Program Advisor: Dr. Charles Kim  (; 202-806-4821; #3014 LKD)

CpE Program Advisor: Dr. Hassan Salmani (; 202-806-7684; #3030A LKD)



 EE Program

 CpE Program



EE/CpE Registration Helps:

1. Registration Request Form:  DOCX format, PDF format, and Fillable PDF format

2. All Math Lab courses (EECE156, EECE157, and EECE 158) are offered this semester

3. Most EECE courses except above Math Lab courses are offered either in Spring or Fall semester, not both.

4. Most art and science courses (humanities, social sciences, physics, economics, and PE) are offered every semester (even in summer)

5. English courses (ENGW) are to be taken in sequence

6. Use this Trial Schedule Form (XLSX form or fillable PDF form) to check any time conflict in the selected courses

7. Starting Math and English Courses based on Math Placement, AP scores, and SAT scores

8. Printers are available at #3113 LKD



EE/CpE Links:

Course Listing and Course Registration Orientation Site

Bison Web Portal

FAQ in general subject (not directly of EE/CpE programs)

Office of undergraduate studies

Degree Works

Graduation & Retention Access to Continued Excellence (GRACE) Grant

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