EECE421 Power System Analysis

Dr. Charles Kim


Pre- or Co-Requiste Courses: EECE203 Fundamentals of Circuit Theory


Syllabus (in pdf format) of the course


Subject 1: Introduction


Subject 2: Background Material:

* Note1 (Windows Journal File (JNT) Format and PDF format)

* Link to Smath Studio, Example Smath File (Sm format, PDF format, Screen Capture)

* Note2 (JNT, PDF)


Subject 3: Basic Concepts

*Note3 (JNT, PDF)

*Note4 (JNT, PDF)

*Note5 (JNT,PDF)

*Note6 (JNT, PDF)  and Smath File2

*Note7 (JNT, PDF)

*Homework 1 Solution (Smath format)

*Exam 1 Solution (Smath Format)


Subject 4: Transmission Lines (Impedance, Capacitance, Current and Voltage Relations)

*Note8 (pdf):  Transmission Line Series Impedance (R and L) - Introduction

*Note8b (pdf): Transmission Line Inductance (L)

*Homework2 Solution (Smath format)

*Note9 (pdf): Transmission Line Capacitance (C)

*Note10a (pdf): Transmission Line Equation 1

*Note10b (pdf): Transmission Line Equation 2 - Hyperbolic and Compensation


Subject 5: System Modeling


Subject 6: Network Calculations


Subject 7: Advanced Subjects - Load Flow, Economic Dispatch, Symmentrical Components, Faults, System Protection, Stability