List of Social Sciences Elective Courses for EE Curriculum

(*Note: The list is not exhaustive.  Talk to your advisor if you have another course in your mind.)

Course Course Title Crs
AFRO005 Intro to Afro-American Studies I 3
ANTH110 Intro to Anthropology I 3
CLAS104 Greek Civilization 3
CLAS105 Roman Civilization 3
GERM145 German Culture 3
HIST001 Intro to Study of Civilization I 3
HIST005 Intro to Black Diaspora I 3
HIST005 U. S. History to 1877 3
HIST010 U. S. History Since 1877 3
HIST040 Intro to History of Latin America to the Mid-19th Century 3
HIST041 Intro to History of Latin America since the Mid-19th Century 3
HIST050 Intro to European History 3
HIST101 World Geography 3
HIST102 Economic Geography 3
POLS001 Intro to Political Science 3
RUSS145 Russian Culture I 3
SOCI001 Intro to Sociology 3
SOCI160 Sociology of African Americans 3


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